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Who is Digital Teammate?

In reality Digital Teammate is a piece of software that acts in a similar fashion to a human employee working in front of a desktop computer. Digital Teammate can use a virtual mouse to navigate between windows and click on buttons in applications. It can use a virtual keyboard to enter data, type emails or work on documents.

Digital Teammate doesn't require changes in underlying IT systems, because it uses existing applications, just like any human employee with proper training only much faster and with less errors.

Digital Teammate is delighted to perform tasks your employees hate to do – tedious, repetitive, requiring a lot of manual typing from one system to another.

Digital Teammate gives you an opportunity to boost productivity of your operation teams, by leaving humans tasks they excel at i.e. : those requiring complex pattern matching, decision making and taking care for your customers.

Digital Teammate is an easygoing, solid, accurate, error-free, helpful, loyal, modest, indiscriminate, scrupulous, punctual employee who happily takes care of the tasks listed below and more ...


We offer our customers a full range of services

starting at discovery of potential for automation through development and all the way to day-to-day maintenance of the solution.

We are firm practitioners of agile software development,

working in short sprints aiming at delivering real value in limited time-frame.

The typical sprint begins with discovery of automation potential.

Our experienced operations consultants working side-by-side with our customers select processes suitable for automation clearly defining tangible benefits from releasing employees’ potential spent on repetitive tasks.

Most promising ideas are developed by our Robo Shepherds

in testing environments and released into real life as soon as they pass mostly automated testing processes, so benefits can be harvested as soon as possible.

Each running process is strictly monitored both by automated tools

and Robo Shepherds especially dedicated to ensure a smooth process flow, identify areas for optimizations, handle exceptions and identify changes in underlying processes, so Digital Teammates can be retrained according to changing customer needs.

This entire cycle is repeated continuously

to make our Digital Teammates more effective and release even more potential of our customers.

About us

Digital Teammates were founded in October 2017 to help companies automate routine tasks performed by employees and release their creative potential to better serve their customers.

Digital Teammates is a fast-growing pure-play Robotic Process Automation company based in Poland (Warsaw and Łódź).

Our team is formed by a unique mix of experienced IT and operations executives accompanied by passionate and successful IT and Operations experts with deep knowledge of software engineering processes and optimization of operations.

We combine best-of-class RPA tools with agile continuous integration and delivery processes to deliver tangible results in short timeframes (measured in weeks rather than months).


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Warszawa 00-950